ToR for a professional videographer and/or photographer – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira

Terms of Reference

Location:                                 Bosnia-Herzegovina, country-wide

Application deadline:                   31.01.2024

Type of contract:                      Service contract


Caritas Switzerland has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since 1993. It is currently implementing 6 projects across the country, focussing on issues related to income, migration, and climate, with the overall goal of eradicating poverty.

We are looking for a professional videographer and/or photographer to assist with video production and/or photography. Interested applicants can submit a bid for one or both lots described below: 

Lot Contract period Description
1 31.01.2024 – 31.03.2024 10-minute video: Develop a 10-minute video that presents Caritas Switzerland’s six current projects and gives the viewer an overview of current activities in the areas of income, climate, and migration as well as past emergency aid activities in the country. Some professional footage from past productions will be made available for editing. Others will have to be filmed additionally. The videos are intended to capture the diversity of Caritas Switzerland’s commitment and the impact of its projects in BiH.
2 31.01.2024-31.03.2024 Photos: Taking photos of each of the 6 projects currently running (75-90 in total), with the exact number of photos per project to be submitted to document the impact of our work on the target groups.

The video and photo material will serve to raise awareness and visibility of the projects and ultimately the visibility of Caritas Switzerland in BiH. The videos and photos will primarily emphasise the positive impact of Caritas Switzerland’s projects in BiH on the beneficiaries as well as the scope of nationwide interventions reaching Bosnians across the country.


  • At least 3 years’ experience as a professional videographer and/or photographer with demonstrable references in the form of sample photos or movies for other, ideally similar clients.
  • Excellent technical skills to ensure a smooth and high-quality production, including final editing. 
  • Basic understanding of social, humanitarian and development issues is an advantage. 
  • Very good knowledge of local and basic English language. 
  • Excellent attention to detail. 
  • Openness to change and ability to receive and integrate feedback.


  • Excursions to Caritas Switzerland project locations throughout BiH (trips and travels are all organised by Caritas Switzerland).
  • Conducting interviews with subjects to be filmed and possibly also photographed, according to Caritas Switzerland’s specifications.
  • Video production (script writing, videography, editing, audio synchronisation, subtitling, export of formats, graphics, archiving of raw and edited material, etc.). 
  • All videos and photos produced must be of the highest quality.
  • The photos must be suitable for use on the Internet (72dpi) and for printing (300dpi).
  • The contractor must use their own full HD quality video camera, their own photo camera, and their own professional editing software.
  • Caritas Switzerland will not purchase or provide any equipment to edit shot or received footage.
  • Insert subtitles into the video as required, audio balance the final product and convert to formats for television and internet use.
  • Clearly state the location, name and age of interviewees, quotes, and any relevant details. 
  • Include appropriate Caritas Switzerland branding and mention Caritas’ ownership rights to the videos and photos produced.


  • Perform quality control of the images and videos taken.
  • Provision of visual and interview guides from Caritas Switzerland. 
  • Facilitation of logistics and transport to the selected sites.
  • Identifying the subjects to film or photograph.
  • Provision of all background materials (PR and visibility).
  • Verbal instructions before the start of the project on the narratives to be captured in the videos.
  • Guidance during the entire process. 
  • Carrying out quality control of the footage.


Caritas Switzerland holds the copyright to all materials produced during the mission (raw and edited material). Caritas Switzerland has the right to use these videos and photos in perpetuity on the internet and on multimedia platforms and to upload them to its database. Caritas Switzerland organises and finances overnight stays and meals at certain locations if required.


The service provider is required to complete the following specific tasks:

  1. Submission of both technical and financial proposals.

Interested persons submit a technical proposal describing their experience and a portfolio of their previous work. The technical proposal should include the following points, among others:

  • Brief profile of the team.
  • A brief description of the methodology describing the technical solutions for video production or photography.
  • A reference portfolio of previous projects (video and/or photography projects).
  • List of at least two reference contacts from previous clients, including name and email or phone number.
  • Description of production capabilities: Video and photography equipment, including related hardware and software. 
  • Financial proposal with calculation and analysis of the costs associated with the assignment (please indicate the final amount you will charge according to your lot request).
  • Please avoid “mixed calculations” across the two lots, as you may be chosen only for one LOT.

Individual offers will be evaluated based on a cumulative analysis taking into consideration the combination of the applicants’ technical and financial proposals.

Evaluation Grid Maximum Score
Technical criteria  
Education 2
Work experience / References 30
Knowledge of software and platforms 8
Equipment, hardware, and software 10
Financial offer 50

Financial proposal Lot 1: Video production

Please indicate the total amount in BAM excluding taxes that you are charging for the production of the 10-minute video. The final amount should cover all costs, including but not limited to script, audio and video reportage, licensed soundtrack, subtitling in Bosnian and English, graphics, archiving of rough and editing work and format export, editing and format export for WEB, editing and format export for TV, and a total of 6 shooting days. All travel related aspects are organised and covered by Caritas Switzerland.

Financial proposal Lot 2: Photos

Please indicate the total amount in BAM excluding taxes that you charge to produce the 75-90 photos. The final amount should cover all costs, including but not limited to editing, versions for print and web, a total of 6 days of photo shoots. All travel related aspects are organised and covered by Caritas Switzerland.


The application should contain:

  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal including all necessary costs related to the assignment, including costs for board and lodging for journeys to the field or to the place of photography.
  • Please make sure you have provided all requested materials.
  • Please submit your offer at, clearly indicating for which lot you apply by writing the following as applicable in the subject line “Invitation for offer: Lot 1 & 2” OR “Invitation for offer: Lot 1” OR “Invitation for offer: Lot 2”.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • For remaining questions please contact until 31.01.2024.


All products created as part of this activity (documentary films, audio, digital, cyber, project videos/documentaries, photos, etc.) are the property of Caritas Switzerland, which holds the exclusive rights to their use and redistribution.

With the exception of this activity, the documents and products may not be used for other purposes without the prior written consent of Caritas Switzerland and in compliance with Swiss copyright laws.


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